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Revitalise Your Skin with Our Premium CBD Skincare Ranges (1)

Revitalise Your Skin with Our Premium CBD Skincare Range

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a prominent component that has left a lasting impression in the vast world of skincare and beauty products. CBD, however, is frequently the subject of debate and inquiry because it is derived from the cannabis plant. While there aren’t as many secrets in the CBD skincare world it’s still buzzy, exciting, and full of buzz.  Cosmetics are no exception to this expansion, and CBD is making its way through high-performance cosmetics and skincare products.

“CBD” on a product’s ingredients label doesn’t mean it’s a beauty product, even though the material has gone from a wellness supplement to a beauty trend. The world of CBD skincare may seem confusing to those unfamiliar with it, especially given how quickly it has gained popularity. But there’s no reason to be intimidated; CBD, a non-intoxicating substance obtained from the cannabis plant, is praised for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

The Miracle of CBD in Our Skincare Products

Skincare Products

Our premium range takes full advantage of these benefits by offering products that are designed to enhance both your physical beauty and general well-being. But how does this miraculous substation perform its wonders? The answer lies in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which CBD works with to maintain a balance in several biological functions, including the health of your skin.We warmly encourage you to explore our premium CBD skincare line right now. 

A Closer Look at Our Premium CBD Skincare Range

CBD Skincare

Our CBD skincare line is extensive, spanning everything from facial cleansers to body lotions. All products contain high-quality, full-spectrum CBD to guarantee you get the most out of them. Here’s a sneak glance at some of our best-selling items:

CBD Cream

CBD cream

In a 50g container, we present our CBD-Aloe Vera Night Cream, a strong blend of 250mg Broad Spectrum CBD and soothing Aloe Vera. Cream is a non-sticky solution that works overnight to renew your skin, using CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects and Aloe Vera moisturising advantages. Every morning, your skin will be soothed and invigorated. Upgrade your overnight skincare routine with this powerful yet gentle cream, and let it become your secret weapon for keeping your skin looking vibrant and youthful.

CBD Cream – Anti-Aging Cream 

CBD with Medicine

With our CBD Cream – Anti-Aging Cream , you can feel the power of nature. This 50g cream contains 250mg of Broad Spectrum CBD and is intended to calm your skin while combating the effects of ageing. Combining CBD’s anti-inflammatory characteristics and Aloe Vera’s moisturising abilities results in a non-sticky composition that nourishes your skin and promotes youthful radiance. Cream is more than simply an addition to your skincare routine; it is a revolution that will result in healthier, more revitalised skin. It’s time to invest in the future of your skin.

CBD Epsom Bath Salts

CBD Bath Salt

Relax and unwind with our THC-free CBD-infused Lavender Sleep Epsom Bath Salts. These bath salts combine lavender’s relaxing aroma with CBD’s therapeutic benefits to promote comfortable sleep. The CBD Epsom salts relieve muscle tension and promote skin health, transforming your bath into a spa-like experience. After a nice, relaxing bath with our CBD Epsom Bath Salts, drift off to sleep, awake refreshed and invigorated. Today, immerse yourself in this wonderful self-care session.

CBD Acne Soap

CBD Acne Soap

Our CBD Acne Soap, part of our CBD Skincare line, is a game changer in acne control. This Beauty Soap Bar is made in the UK and contains 100mg of CBD . Its powerful combination reduces inflammation, controls breakouts, and promotes healthier skin. Aside from acne treatment, the soap bar cleanses gently, making your skin feel rejuvenated and energised. Treat your skin to the healing qualities of CBD with this low-cost, effective remedy, and say goodbye to acne for good.

CBD Eczema Soap

CBD Eczema Soap

Our CBD Eczema Soap, a vital product in our CBD Skincare line, will soothe and nourish your skin. This Beauty Soap Bar contains 100mg of CBD, well-known for its anti-inflammatory qualities. Our composition is intended to relieve eczema symptoms by lowering irritation and inflammation while offering a mild cleansing. This soap bar also helps general skin health, giving you a rejuvenated and relaxed complexion. Make the most of CBD’s natural healing potential with this inexpensive, effective eczema skincare solution.


Why is CBD beneficial for the face?

CBD has been discovered to be an antioxidant, which means it has the power to reverse the effects of ageing (wrinkles, sagging skin, dullness, and reddish skin tone) by controlling the damage produced by free radicals, which are carried on by common impurities and environmental stress.

Does CBD give you glowing skin?

Yes! Additionally, you can add CBD oil to your moisturiser to increase hydration for skin that is more luminous and bright. You can also include a few drops of CBD Oil in your sunscreen to add an additional layer of defence against free radicals and oxidative stress.

Do you look younger if you use CBD?

CBD may help one seem younger by lowering stress, easing severe skin condition symptoms, treating acne, combating free radicals, and enhancing sleep.

Is CBD suitable for sensitive skin?

The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD may be especially useful in lowering the risk of eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis triggers. CBD  may be useful for persons with sensitive skin since it can relieve the skin and reduce the appearance of irritation.

Do CBD skin care products work?

Yes! Cannabidiol fights free radicals with its antioxidant capabilities to maintain your skin healthy and youthful. Due to its exceptional capacity to moisturise, CBD is perfect for all skin types, mainly sensitive skin. It is also extremely moisturising.


Using CBD-infused products is more than simply a fad; it’s a holistic strategy for achieving and maintaining radiant skin. You can revitalise, nourish, and holistically protect your skin with the help of our premium CBD skincare range. We welcome you to experience the life-altering effects of CBD with a range of specially made products, from our revitalising cream to our moisturising balm. Our quality and ethical manufacture means that you’re investing in your skin’s future and helping the environment. 

Be Happy, Be Hempthy

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