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White Label CBD

Explore Hempthy's range of premium white label CBD products, crafted by the UK's leading novel foods approved CBD manufacturers. With hundreds of CBD products listed on the FSA CBD Novel Foods list, Hempthy guarantees quality and compliance. Enjoy duty-free shipping to the UK and Europe.

White Label CBD in UK & Europe

Welcome to Hempthy, the home of premium white label CBD products. As the UK’s leading novel foods approved CBD manufacturers, we take great pride in delivering exceptional CBD products to businesses and individuals alike. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to launch your own CBD brand or a retailer seeking top-notch CBD products, Hempthy is your trusted partner. With our extensive range of white label CBD products, listed on the FSA CBD Novel Foods list, you can be confident in the quality and compliance of our offerings. Furthermore, we offer duty-free shipping to the UK and Europe, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued customers.

CBD Wholesale UK

Why Choose White Label CBD with Hempthy?

White label CBD by Hempthy empowers you to create your own brand of CBD products without the need for extensive manufacturing facilities or expertise. By partnering with us, you gain access to our high-quality CBD formulations and packaging, all backed by our novel foods approved status. With Hempthy, you can focus on building your brand and marketing your products while we handle the manufacturing process for you, guaranteeing compliance and quality every step of the way.

Our Expertise at Hempthy

At Hempthy, our expertise in the CBD industry sets us apart. As a novel foods approved CBD manufacturer with the FSA (Food Standards Agency), we adhere to rigorous standards to ensure the safety and compliance of our CBD products. We have undergone extensive testing and assessment, and our hundreds of CBD products are listed on the FSA CBD Novel Foods list. When you partner with Hempthy, you can trust that you’re working with a reputable manufacturer committed to delivering exceptional quality and meeting all regulatory requirements.

With our white label CBD, you can enjoy the following benefits:


You don't have to invest in product development and production, which can be expensive and time-consuming.


We offer a range of customisation options, including branding, labelling, and packaging.


You can start selling your products sooner without having to go through the product development process.


Our products are made with high-quality ingredients and are third-party tested to ensure their purity and potency.

White Label CBD UK and Europe

Hempthy is based in the UK and serves customers in Ireland, the UK, and Europe. We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services and have a proven track record of success. Whether you're looking for white label CBD in the UK or Europe, we have the expertise and experience to meet your needs.

CBD Oil Manufacturers

If you're looking for a CBD oil manufacturer, look no further than Hempthy. We are a leading manufacturer of CBD products and offer a range of customisation options, including branding, labelling, and packaging. Our CBD oil is made with the highest quality ingredients and is third-party tested to ensure its purity and potency.

Wholesale CBD gummies in UK

White Label CBD Gummies

White label CBD gummies are a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to enter the CBD market. By choosing Hempthy as your white-label CBD gummy manufacturer, you can enjoy the benefits of high-quality products, customisable branding, and cost-effectiveness.

OG Kush Disposable Vape

CBD Vape Manufacturers

In addition to CBD oil and gummies, Hempthy also manufactures CBD vapes. Our vapes are made with high-quality ingredients and are third-party tested to ensure their purity and potency. With our white label services, you can create a CBD vape product that fits your brand's needs.

Wholesale CBD gummies in UK

Get Started Today

If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for your CBD business, choose Hempthy’s white-label CBD. With our extensive experience, commitment to quality, and customisable options, we can help you create a product that fits your brand’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about our white label CBD products and services.

Award winning cbd oil uk

Award Winning CBD Manufacturer

We are an award winning manufacturer of CBD products.

gmp approved cbd oil uk - best quality cbd oil uk

Good Manufacturing Practice Certified

All of our products are manufactured in the UK in our GME approved facilities.

thc free - lab tested cbd products uk

Fully Lab

Our CBD products are fully lab tested. Rest assured knowing we put the full amount of CBD into each and every product.

CBD ISO 9001 rated - Best CBD products UK

ISO 9001

Our cleanroom labs are ISO 9001 rated. Our manufacturing process is meticulous and uses nothing but premium ingredients.

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