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CBD Gummies are available in the UK at the best prices. Our CBD Gummies are Novel Foods compliant. We offer CBD Gummy Bears, CBD Pick n Mix, CBD Hard Gums, CBD Sour Peach rings and Sugar Free CBD Gummies.

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Showing 1–16 of 20 results

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many cannabinoids included in cannabis. Our CBD has become one of the UK’s most well-known health and wellness products over the past few years. We increasingly use this chemical component in products like oils, lotions, vape liquids, and sweets to feel more at peace and composed. Recent times have seen a growth in demand for CBD edibles, which can be attributed to the widespread belief that these products offer therapeutic and health advantages.

Our most well-known CBD edibles are gummies, which come in various fruit flavours and potencies to give you the greatest freedom when choosing CBD. For some people, gummies may be a more pleasurable, convenient, and useful method to take CBD than tinctures or pills. If you’re looking for a nice and healthy way to benefit from CBD, try ingesting hemp and CBD gummies. Our Gummies are one of the most famous ways to consume CBD, even though many other options are available, such as oils, capsules, vape liquids, and topical lotions. With our gummies, you may swiftly, discreetly, and amusingly take advantage of CBD’s benefits.

The following is a complete guide of our CBD gummies, review its possible health advantages, and address some often-asked questions.

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are delicious candies made with cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Gummies have become increasingly well-liked as a discreet, practical, and enjoyable way for new and experienced CBD users to absorb. They are a discreet and convenient method to utilise CBD and a simple way to swallow it. They come in a range of flavours, colours, and forms. Additionally, they could contain different amounts of CBD.

Consumption of CBD is made simple and practical by its incorporation into edibles like gummies. These gummies typically only have a small amount of CBD in each one, making them an easy and covert way to ingest CBD. The flavours, hues, and forms of CBD gummies may vary. We combine CBD oil with fruit juice and other elements to make a chewy, sweet delicacy. The gummies make it simple to incorporate into your daily diet at home or when travelling. Hempthy’s CBD Gummies are the top choice for those in the UK. We only offer the highest quality items for wholesale in the United Kingdom. Our product comes in several shapes and sizes and delivers a pleasant dose.

What advantages do CBD gummies offer?

Simple to take

Choosing our CBD gummy could benefit people who find it difficult or impossible to swallow entire capsules. Most taste excellent compared to capsules and pills and generally “go down” more easily.


If you’re looking for a suitable and tasty way to take CBD, our CBD gummies are a fantastic option. These are not only discreet and portable, but they also taste excellent. Gummies made with CBD are discreet and portable, making them simple to carry anywhere. Many people need at least a sip of water to assist them in swallowing capsules. However, we’re sure some of you can accomplish it easily. With gummies, you can consume them while on the go without a beverage to wash them down. For the same reason, they’re perfect for camping, vacationing, working, etc.

Taste better

Given CBD oil’s potent taste, it is an absolute turnoff for some people. But since CBD gummies typically have a delicious, fruity flavour, making them seems more like a reward than a chore. CBD gummies are a sweet and enjoyable way to ingest cannabis due to the diversity of flavours available. They are a tasty method to ingest cannabis because they come in various fruit tastes. They are, therefore, a significant choice for anyone looking for a pleasant and fun cannabis consumption method.

Easier to manage

You will always know how many mg (micrograms) of CBD you ingest when consuming a CBD gummy. Contrarily, the results from using CBD oil can vary greatly depending on how the pipette is used. Gummies are available in a range of dose strengths, making it simple for people to locate the ideal dosage for their needs. It is crucial for anyone who is new to cannabis or who needs to use precise doses to treat their symptoms.

Calming impact

CBD gummies may have a calming effect that decreases the symptoms of anxiety. While some people could feel at ease and unwind, others might feel less discomfort or anxiety. CBD gummies’ benefits may last between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the person. About 30 minutes should pass before CBD gummies begin to take effect.

How to choose CBD gummies: What to look for?

When selecting CBD gummies, keep the following factors in mind:

Source of CBD

The kind of CBD used should be considered when buying CBD gummies. Pure CBD isolate contains no other cannabinoids. Isolates benefit customers who wish to avoid THC, but this extraction removes cannabis flavonoids and terpenes. It implies that the final product will offer only some of the spectrum of health advantages.

Products created with full-spectrum CBD may contain THC and other cannabinoids located in the cannabis plant. Due to the entourage outcome, which states that cannabinoids have a stronger effect when consumed together than when taken separately, full-spectrum medicines offer the most medicinal advantages.


The CBD source may also affect the recommended dosage for a given CBD product. A full-spectrum CBD gummy with 5 milligrammes of CBD may have a far stronger effect than an isolated CBD sweet containing the same amount of CBD. If you need help deciding what dosage to choose, start with the smallest dose (usually 5 mg) and work up.


Gummies with CBD include much more than just CBD. Various other ingredients can be used. Pay close attention to preservatives and unnatural components in addition. Real sugar, organic, non-GMO ingredients, and natural flavourings are utilised to make the best CBD gummy. Although there are adaptogenic herbs and vitamins in certain CBD products, it may be advisable to stay away from these since it is unclear how CBD interacts with vitamins, minerals, or supplements.

Check the lab results.

Check the third-party evaluations of each online CBD retailer before buying CBD gummies. The outcomes ought to be posted on their website. The goods will be guaranteed to meet quality standards by their independent laboratory results. Verify that a recognised lab performed the test. When you select a product that has undergone rigorous testing, you can do so with confidence. Remove that CBD gummy shop from your list if the testing shows the product includes toxic metals or pesticides.

Check the Certificate of Analysis to be sure the product has been checked for harmful substances, including lead, mercury, and pesticides. The COA may also be utilised to confirm that the product contains the stated quantity of CBD and THC. If you notice that a certain product isn’t doing the job, you could look into others that use alternative ingredients or concentrations of CBD. If a corporation guarantees you unreal outcomes, run the other way. What proves effective for one person may not affect them at all.

Health Advantages of CBD Gummies

CBD Encourages Peaceful Sleep

Gummies may be a good option if you’re having difficulty falling asleep at night but would rather not take a pill. CBD gummies can aid you in getting a better night’s rest. If CBD is used to reduce stress and anxiety, it may be possible for people to fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper sleep. CBD affects the endocannabinoid (ECS), an important physiological system for regulating sleep patterns.

CBD gummies may naturally enhance your sleeping habits. CBD gummies lengthen the “deep sleep” stage when we renew (the stage responsible for dreaming) while decreasing REM sleep. Without the potential side effects of traditional sleep aids, taking CBD gummies before bed can help regulate sleep cycles and encourage more slumber.

Supports relaxation and mood regulation

Cannabidiol is known to be essential for overall body relaxation. CBD gummies show significant promise for assisting with mood control due to their impact on the fight-or-flight response by the endocannabinoid system. CBD gummies stimulate CB1 and CB2 receptors in peripheral tissues, assisting the body’s equilibrium. CBD gummies for anxiety help people unwind by reducing physical tension and stress. If you have problems relaxing your body after a long day or weekend, CBD gummies could help soothe your anxious feelings.

Enhance blood pressure and heart health.

It is possible that cannabidiol, or CBD, is an efficient and natural technique for bringing down high blood pressure. People who are stressed have a reduction in both their resting systolic blood pressure and their stroke volume when they consume CBD gummies. As a result of CBD’s ability to calm anxious feelings, blood pressure drops, ultimately benefiting the heart’s health. In addition, CBD’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics may assist in protecting against heart-related conditions.

Chronic Pain Relief

Cannabis-based medicines, such as CBD gummies, have been used for pain relief for hundreds of years, but it has only become clear why they are so effective. Not just THC but also CBD are marijuana plant constituents that have pain-relieving properties. The most well-known advantage of consuming CBD gummies is that it helps individuals manage their pain. CBD gummies may lessen pain by influencing several bodily biological systems. Pure CBD gummies have been demonstrated to include properties that make them analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. Gummies containing CBD may offer a secure and efficient way to manage discomfort and chronic pain while encouraging rest and well-being.

Anxiety relief

Gummies with CBD may be useful for managing anxiety. Your cells may react to a range of stimuli due to little proteins called receptors that are connected to them. Serotonin receptors in the brain, which are linked to mental health, may alter. Gummies may lessen physiological side effects of anxiety, such as an accelerated heart rate, improve symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and induce sleep in cases of insomnia.

CBD gummies may lessen anxiety symptoms such as excessive worry, fear, and panic by increasing serotonin levels. The neurotransmitter serotonin is connected to emotions of happiness and well-being, and CBD is thought to increase serotonin production. These receptors are susceptible to CBD’s effects, which can lessen anxiety symptoms by encouraging a relaxed and peaceful state.

Depression treatment

A prevalent cognitive health disorder called depression can long-term impact a person’s health, capacity for a job, and general well-being. Numerous drugs can cause undesirable side effects like irritability, sleeplessness, and erectile dysfunction. Pharmaceutical drugs may be prescribed by a doctor to treat or manage depression. With the potential for fewer side effects in some people, CBD gummies are a helpful treatment for depression. As low serotonin levels contribute to depression, CBD gummies have a similar impact on depressed individuals as serotonin supplements. Elevated serotonin levels in the brain enhance emotions and motor abilities. CBD gummies may facilitate neurogenesis, which promotes the growth of new neurons in the hippocampus.

Skin conditions

CBD candies are a good and tasty way to keep your skin healthy because they contain the vitamins and antioxidants your body needs to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful. CBD gummies can help preserve healthy skin by lowering acne, inflammation, and ageing symptoms. They can help slow the skin’s ageing process, exacerbated by oxidative stress and inflammation due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics. CBD gummies may decrease acne-related oily sebum production.

Act as a Digestive aid

A lot of cancers and some preventative treatments will affect a person’s appetite directly. Loss of appetite and increased nausea make it difficult for cancer patients to get the nutrition their body needs to recover. Consuming high doses of CBD gummies acts as a digestive aid by boosting appetite and reducing motion sickness. For those who have cancer or are through treatment, it is energising. Even if you don’t have cancer, extreme nausea, or a lack of appetite, CBD gummies can help you manage your appetite.

Reduce the Risk of Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a precursor to cardiac events, including heart attacks and strokes. CBD gummies can assist those with high numbers to lessen their blood pressure and heart rate. CBD gummies may help lower blood pressure in both stressful and non-stressful situations. Additionally, CBD gummies have built-in antioxidant properties. Plaque and other substances that may build up, create a blockage, and stop blood flow to your brain or other organs can be removed with the help of antioxidants. Without those barriers, your blood flows more easily and your blood pressure drops.

Kind to your lungs and throat

The throat and lungs won’t itch from taking CBD candies instead of smoking marijuana. But it’s one of the biggest benefits for those using CBD solely for medical reasons. Smoke from marijuana can still irritate your lungs and throat and create inflammation, despite not having as many toxins as smoke from cigarettes. CBD gummies don’t produce any smoke, smell, or other respiratory system irritants.

Our Flavours for CBD Gummies

Our gummies come in a rainbow of hues and flavours. Best-sellers include:

  • The Pick-and-Mix assortment.
  • CBD Hard Gums.
  • Sour Peach Rings.
  • Sugar-Free Fizzy Bottles.
  • Mint flavours.

You can easily choose another of our available alternatives depending on your preferences and needs.

Ingredients used

Our gummies come in a combination of sizes, hues, and flavours. Pick and Mix, CBD Hard Gums, Sour Peach Rings, Sugar-Free, Fizzy Bottles, and Mint are some of our best-selling flavours. You can easily choose from our other types depending on your preferences and needs.

Ingredients used

In our product, we use a wide variety of good ingredients. Hempthy products contain CBD, sugar, and glucose syrup and taste natural and artificial. But we also add supplements like vitamins, minerals, and other products.

CBD content of each gummy

The quantity of CBD in each gummy can change depending on the concentration. CBD in each gummy might range from 5 mg to 30 mg or more, depending on the product. Please read the product’s label and list of components before using it to determine how much CBD is there.

Available flavours, i.e. High-strength gummies without sugar

High-strength CBD gummies are available and include more CBD in each gummy. These two gummies provide the best product and response. For those seeking a higher CBD content, this is the best option. However, we provide sugar-free candies for those with dietary limitations or those looking to reduce their sugar intake.

Cannabidiol (CBD) gummy candies: UK legal information

Very frequently asked question about cbd gummies is DO CBD GUMMIES CONTAIN THC? Products containing CBD extracted from industrial hemp with less than 0.2% THC are permitted for sale in the UK. Always double-check the potency of a new product with your doctor before using it.

Dose recommendations

The dosage recommendations for gummies change depending on the product. Numerous variables are involved, including age, weight, and the purpose of using the products. But it’s usually a good idea, to begin with a little dosage and then gradually raise the concentration until you’re happy with the ideal dosage for your needs.

Information about shelf life and storage

Keep CBD gummies in a cool, dry environment. Always keep the product away from heat, sunlight, and youngsters. In addition, the duration of freshness varies depending on the item. However, most products only last two years after being manufactured.


The information provided on this platform is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We do not recommend or prescribe CBD or any other substance for medical use. The benefits of CBD are based on research published online. We recommend you consult a qualified healthcare professional before using CBD or any other substance for medical purposes.


CBD gummies relieve pain and inflammation by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. The body’s cellular homeostasis system regulates our mood, appetite, sleep, memory, and immunity.

CBD gummies are edibles; their effects must first be felt after they have been digested. It indicates that a CBD gummy’s benefits take longer to manifest, often between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Due to the delayed release, the effects of edibles frequently persist three to four hours after the dose. Additionally, it means that the CBD’s benefits are felt across the entire body, which helps to reduce tension everywhere.

The effects of CBD gummies include a feeling of relaxation, a release of tension, and pain relief. It occurs due to the CBD in the gummies attaching to endocannabinoid receptors, a group of receptors present in many organs throughout the human body. This process is what provides CBD with its well-known supple and calming effects. One of the most comfortable and direct ways to get this distinctive high is with CBD gummies.

The CBD gummies we sell are a straightforward method to determine how much of the supplement you need based on factors like metabolism, weight, and diet. A recommended dose is printed directly on the label of our CBD gummy candies. Nevertheless, how many gummies you consume in a single session will depend on your health and fitness objectives.

Cannabidiol is not immediately absorbed into the bloodstream after consumption of gummies due to the breakdown of digestive and metabolic processes, which delays the onset of effects. The effects of CBD gummies will become apparent between 30 and 90 minutes after consumption, depending on your body’s metabolic rate.

As a cannabis product marketed for weight loss, CBD gummies have become increasingly well-known. It may raise the body’s metabolism, speeding up the breakdown of stored body fat into muscles or protein. High dosages of the cannabinoid may decrease the desire for junk food, which is the main cause of obesity.

Gummies are simple to take daily because they have no dangerous chemicals. Everyone has different demands, so you should take your gummies accordingly.

When you consume CBD edibles, you can feel immediate relief from stress and worried thoughts. Serotonin, a hormone that affects how your mind interprets negative thoughts or emotions, is released more frequently due to CBD’s interaction with brain receptors.

If a CBD edible product contains 0.2% of a CBD product, then the UK has legalised it. However, every product has a unique set of quality and regulatory requirements. Always read the title and the ingredients list before purchasing them, and make sure the vendor is reputable.