CBD Coffee bags uk - lab tested cbd edibles uk
CBD Coffee – CBD infused coffee bags

CBD Coffee – CBD infused coffee bags


CBD infused Coffee Bags UK

Instant Brew – Just add Hot Water

Made with Columbian Excelso Coffee

100mg CBD per Pack (10mg CBD per Coffee Bag)

✅ 10 x CBD Hemp Coffee Bags

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CBD Coffee UK

CBD infused Coffee Bags

Our CBD-infused Coffee Bags are manufactured in our UK-based facilities. Each pack contains 10 coffee bags containing 10mg CBD per cup. 100mg per pack.

How to use CBD Coffee?

Our CBD Coffee bags are instant and handy for home and work. Just make it like a regular cup of tea and add milk if you like, we recommend it 😃

For best results:
1. Boil Kettle
2. Place the Coffee bag in a Mug
3. Add Boiling Water
4. Steep for 5 minutes & Stir Well
5. Remove the Coffee bag & add Milk (optional)
6. Enjoy & Relax


Per coffee bag: 10g roasted Colombian Excelso coffee, 10mg broad-spectrum CBD.

CBD Coffee Edibles

CBD Edibles such as Coffee, Tea and Gummies are rapidly becoming the most popular ways of consuming CBD. These products are all easy to drink at work or at home

Why use CBD Coffee?

According to independent research, CBD coffee is believed to have therapeutic effects to aid the mind, soul and well-being. Most CBD Coffee like ours is made using low-THC hemp so rest assured it wouldn’t get you high.

Award-Winning CBD Edibles & Drinks

We are an award-winning CBD Manufacturer due to our outstanding quality of CBD products. At Hempthy we take great care in the manufacturing process to deliver premium products to customers across the globe. We source only the best quality CBD. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram!

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