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Uncommon And Exciting Uses For CBD

The chances are you have heard about CBD. It’s also super likely you’ve also heard about its many benefits, such as inflammation and pain relief. However, there is so much more to CBD than what meets the eye.

Before sharing the more uncommon uses for CBD, it’s a good idea to look at some of the more common.

Common ways CBD is used

New ways to use CBD are still being discovered – with scientists continually researching the exciting and innovative nature of using it. There are some ways in which CBD is commonly used. Did you know for example, that CBD is frequently used by many to aid treatment of:


Unusual ways CBD is being used…

This is just a brief list of how CBD is being used today. Now, let’s dive into the more unique and different ways of how CBD can be used.

Stress management for dogs

Believe it or not, CBD isn’t just beneficial for people. It also brings plenty of good for our pets, too!

Huge numbers of dog owners are using CBD to treat their anxiety conditions. This is because it has been effective during usually distressing events such as thunderstorms, fireworks, and when dogs have to be left on their own.

There are some Veterinarians who are still unsure about CBD, with plenty of others urging their pet owners to use it!

As a stop smoking aid

The main compound in cigarettes is nicotine. This reacts in the cannabinoid system: this makes CBD a smart substitute for the nicotine you get when smoking for those who are quitting.

During a recent blind study, people who were given CBD oil smoked roughly 40% less tobacco (cigarettes) than the other part of the study who were given the placebo replacement. CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety (a common use) credits it as a smart and effective replacement for nicotine. After all, plenty of people who smoke cigarettes do so to reduce stress and calm their nerves.

Pain relief after wearing high heels

You can use CBD topicals, like creams for example, to help with the pain caused by high heels. 

We think it is an obvious solution, as after all a benefit of CBD products is reducing muscle aches and pains. If topical CBD products are good enough for athletes then they’ll be good enough to help you too!

Who knows what’s next?

The CBD industry is progressing at a rapid pace, and there is a constant stream of new and exciting products emerging. Once you have decided what kind of CBD product works for you, it is very easy to branch out and try some of the brand new products on the market.


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