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Veganism and CBD

If you had to make a list of the biggest wellness trends from the past few years, it’s likely that veganism and CBD would both be on it.

The Vegan Society claims that the UK’s vegan population has quadrupled since 2014, with more than half a million (600,000) people now taking on an entirely plant-based, vegan lifestyle. In addition, CBD’s growing popularity means the number of users is steadily rising too. Statista estimates that an incredible 11 percent of the total population in the United Kingdom has tried CBD – equating to approximately 7.5 million individual people.

There are some parallels between the rise of both veganism and CBD in the everyday lifestyle of so many of us. In both cases, people who get into each seem to value healthy living, whilst also having quality taste when it comes to their nutrition and relaxation.

What is Veganism?

At its core and by definition, veganism eliminating products which derive from the use of anything from an animal. This includes more than just food such as meat, dairy and eggs as it also applies to other items such as clothing, cosmetics and CBD. 

With the ever rising popularity of veganism – and vegetarianism – it has become easier than ever to lead this lifestyle. The last few years have seen more clear labelling on food packaging as well as ethical clothing brands working with faux alternatives to leather and wool. This also means that more vegan food options are readily available – and in some places encouraged – in restaurants and supermarkets.

Plant based has never been so popular.

It isn’t always as easy as this, however. One thing which is often overlooked is the more subtle way in which animal products can make their way into products and our life. For example, you may know gelatine in sweets is something to watch out for, but in some other cases you need to be careful. Would you know to watch out for beeswax in your lip balm, or carmine dye in clothing?

Sticking to your vegan or plant-based principles can be tricky, but many companies – like us at Hempthy – are taking steps to make sure products can be enjoyed by the ever-growing vegan, veggie and plant-based community.

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. It’s completely legal in the UK, as long as it satisfies rules by containing less than 0.2% THC — the compound which gives cannabis its intoxicating properties.

As part of its rising success and mainstream popularity, CBD has been widely tested by a range of scientists and medical experts. Different people use it for a different reasons. This includes a great variety – from people looking to improve their sleep, manage anxiety, and as a remedy to bodily aches and pains. CBD comes in so many forms, which can be found on our website.

For a more in-depth look at CBD, it’s compounds, active ingredients and the ways of taking it, you may like to visit the full What is CBD? article available on our website.

Another major factor in why people choose CBD in one of its many forms – whether it’s consumed as an oil, capsule or gummy, is to enhance their nutrition. A strong diet and quality nutrition is obviously important for all to consider, but particularly for vegans who follow a plant-only diet.

Is CBD vegan?

In short, yes. CBD comes from a natural plant, so in its raw form, is 100% plant based and therefore suitable for vegans.

Whilst this answer may seem obvious, as mentioned earlier vegan based diets are often thrown off by unexpected ingredients or additives. Luckily, our products are vegan (and therefore also vegetarian) meaning that they can be enjoyed by those who choose a plant based diet.

An example is when it comes to supplements. This could be gel capsules or even the coating on vitamins which are sometimes derived from animal products. Here at Hempthy, we couldn’t be prouder to say we don’t include any animal products in our CBD products during the production process or in the finished product to make them 100% vegan.

What are the benefits of CBD for vegans?

One strong example of how CBD can help vegans specifically is that hemp is a ‘complete’ plant protein and CBD is a rich source of amino acids. They also contain a range of key vitamins, which help boost energy, cognitive function, and even help the metabolism.

CBD is a great choice for everyone – vegan or not! Try yours today by using our online shop, and don’t forget we can answer questions you may have so you know you’re in safe hands.

Be Happy, Be Hempthy

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